Tuesday, January 8, 2008

historyrepeats .

My project is about about Urban Fashion in Women and Men: 1980's -now.

There are alot of interesting styles that come from the 80's and they always
evolve into something new and different. I want to also prove the point that
history repeats itself . Many styles that were alive in the 80's are coming
back to life today but there are still many new things happening. Most
things that are happening are just evolutions of the 80's. Here is what
i`m talking about...

THE 80`s .

In the 80's, the colors that were worn were very bright. In men, the
popular styles were Adidas shelltoe sneakers worn with "phat" laces.
"Phat" laces are just very large or oversized laces worn in shoes.
They would match them with tracksuits that were also made by
Adidas. Popular haircuts and hairstyles were the high-top fade
which has very low hair on the sides but the hair on top is very
high up. The other hairstyle, which is the jheri curl, was very
popular in both males and females. The jheri curl was a wet and
wavy hairstyle. The hair was curly but always wet and full of shine.
The jheri curl eventually went out of style by the early 1990`s
because it was becoming very expensive and it was a
hassle to deal with. Jewelery was a big thing back in the day,
especially gold jewelery. Men wore big, heavy, gold chains while
women were more about wearing big,heavy, gold earrings.
Poplular earrings resembled and were called door-knockers.
Wearing all this jewelery was supposed to show that you were
a very wealthy person.

These are the Adidas shelltoes that were worn with fat laces .

These are the tracksuits and the shelltoes being worn together. Also, they are wearing big gold rope chains which was also a big thing.This is a popular duo, Kid n Play, that helped make the high top fade a popular haircut.

A man with jheri curls .

A woman with jheri curls.

Popular earrings that were called bamboos .

Slick Rick was part of making alot of heavy, gold jewelry popular.

This is another popular rap group, Salt n Pepa, that made gold jewelry famous and big, gold door-knocker earrings.

The 90`s .

In the 90`s, alot of the styles were African influenced. People
wore African chains and got dreadlocks. People began wearing
alot of green,red and black clothes. Males as well as females
wore baseball caps alot. Bright, neon clothes were very popular
in both genders. Younger teenage boys would also wear their
clothes backwards, a trend started by the famous rap duo,
Kriss Kross. In the 80`s, the popular sneaker was the
Adidas shelltoe but in the 90`s, a new sneaker came along.
People began to wear Air Jordans made by Adidas`s rival,
Nike. Famous rap group NWA also started the trend of
wearing chuck taylors, a sneaker that was very popular,
especially on the west coast in places like California.
NWA also made Dickies, plaid shirts, and Oakland
Raiders sports gear popular. A big thing in 90`s
fashion was starter jackets.

The X Clan made African clothing popular .

Queen Latifah made African clothing and jewelry popular too .

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince wearing bright colors and still the high top fade .

Bright colored clothing and the woman in the middle wearing a baseball cap .

Kriss Kross wearing their clothes backwards .

This sneaker became popular in the 90's. This is what people began wearing these jordans instead of the shelltoes .

These chuck taylors or chucks, were made popular by the rap group NWA. A member of NWA, Eazy E, is shown on these pair of chucks.